impetus-favicon This Privacy Statement describes how Impetus Analytics collects, uses, and safeguards personally identifiable information. At impetus analytics, protecting personally identifiable information about you is important to us. We strive to protect the personal information under our control and take certain precautions to help maintain the security and integrity of that information.

impetus-favicon Your personal information will be collected, only when you fill the contact form provided in the website for business queries.  The collected information will be used only by the company, for contacting you regarding your query.

impetus-favicon Occasionally, we may update this Privacy Statement and we encourage you to periodically review this Statement so that you’ll always know what information we collect, how we use it.

impetus-favicon Impetus Analytics reserves the right to modify the privacy statement at any time.  If you have any queries regarding how do we use your personally identifiable information and the privacy policy, please feel free to write to